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Taino American Indian

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This Taino American Indian Web Ring was sponsored by the Taino Tribe of Jatibonicu' of Puerto Rico. In the language Jatibonicu means, "Great People of the Sacred High Waters". This web ring is a collective of cultural sites, that publish educational materials and that support the struggle of the Taino People of the Caribbean and Florida region. Historical Fact: The Tainos were the very first Native American people to receive glass beeds and to greet Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492.


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   Majaguany III Preview 1 review(s) — Go
MAJAGUANY* pertenece a un cacique taino de mi pueblo de origen. En mi website tendras la oportunidad de conseguir historia de la Herencia Taina
   batey kosmos taino Preview Go
Page with information in English and Spanish on the ceremonial ballgame Batey, its significance and interpretations, links to other similar games and ballcourts in north- and meso-america.
   MAJAGUANY, Herencia Taina Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Saludos desde BAYAMON,PUERTO,RICO.Aq ui encontraras informacion variada de la Herencia o Historia Taina,vocabulario taino,guanime,guaba,yu cayeques,Cemi,guiro,ma racas bohio,cazabe,bato,caci que,canoa,animales extintos como el mamuts,tigre tasmania,bucardo,coqui dorado,coqui palmeado,servicios,lin ks interesantes,free stuff o herramientas gratis,tienda virtual con facil pagos con paypal y tarjetas credito.

   The Taino People Preview 2 review(s) — Go
Dedicated to the Taino People of Puerto Rico.
   MAJAGUANY Preview Go
Saludos desde Bayamon,Puerto Rico. En mi website tendras la oportunidad de conseguir historia de la Herencia Taina, bohio, cemi, yucayeque, vocabulario taino, bato, dujo. Soy CARLOS. * MAJAGUA * es un cacique taino de mi pueblo de origen, descubriras sus fotos y textos conectados a otras web,la piedrita de nuestas raices,galeria taina, Bisuteria o prendas custom, peluches, folletos escolares, temas

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